Our mission is to boost the growth of influencers

Action for Link by MediaBooster is a free service that builds growth and interaction on the internet. Influencers of every size—from new YouTubers to public companies—can use our service to accelerate growth and elevate communications.


Accelerated several influencer's growth by more than 20%.



All you need to do is provide your links. We take over from there.



No bots. All boosting is done from your real traffic. We just convert them to followers.

The potential of online influencers

Internet businesses are growing faster than the rest of the market as a whole. It may have crossed your mind to start one yourself; maybe to be a YouTuber or an Instagram model.

Just asking for a follow isn't enough. Offer a trade. Their subscription or like for your product, such as a download or article link. We make this possible.

More followers typically mean more viewers, thus more money. Get a large following to grow your business' identity.

No bots

All growth is legit and natural. Theres never a concern with getting banned from bots because our service is legit. All growth is coming from your already existing viewers. Our service is simply more effective at converting viewers to followers.

Misc. details

Action for link creates a page which locks a target link. To unlock the link, the page viewer must first click on the buttons. Each button has text which contains your specified request. You're basically asking page viewers to commit an action before allowing them to get your link. For example, in order to get your free download link, they must first like your specified YouTube video.

The server remembers for a period of time if someone has completed a step. So if someone has completed the "Subscribe to my YouTube channel" step from another page, they won't be asked again.

If a user has already completed all steps prior to opening your page, the page will act as a link shortener. It will simply skip straight to the target link.

Its not recommended to put your viewers at an inconvenience. Try to keep your step count at a maximum of two even though you can instruct as many as six.