Accelerated several influencer's growth by more than 20%.


All you need to do is provide your links. We take over from there.


No bots. All boosting is done from your real traffic. We just convert them to followers.

Easily increase any of your media's interaction rate with Action for Link

Sometimes, all a person needs is an offer to join you. Before linking someone to content like a download link or your blog, why not ask them to give you a quick follow? Action for Link displays a short list of buttons which display your specified request.

Example: You want to increase your YouTube subscribers and Instagram followers. Post a showcase to your social medias and make viewers want it, like a download link to software or the place you just ate at. You can give them the link to X location, but its really a proxy link to the real link. This proxy link will present buttons which ask the viewer to subscribe to you on YouTube and follow you on Instagram. Clicking the buttons will conveniently send them to your specified links, in this scenario, your YouTube channel and Instagram page. Only after visiting those pages will they given the real link to X location. This just put the fastest opportunity to engage with you right in there face, all without intrusion. MediaBooster will remember if they completed each step already for future visits.

The best part? They aren't bots! You're asking your existing traffic to engage. This is a legit growth process that won't get you banned.

Getting payed with Key Access

Key Access doesn't directly pay you, but it builds your opportunity to get payed advertisement money on software. For example, you usually can not put HTML advertisement snippets on software. Its either not conveniently possible or is against the service's terms of service, so you cant get payed. What ever can you do..? Easy answer, implement a key system with MediaBooster's already built Key Access page.

First thing is you'd select your advertisement service. In this example, we're using any advertised shortlink service. The idea of this is: A viewer must wait 5 seconds before getting the viewer's desired link. Advertisements are displayed during the wait, thus paying the link creator. The link the viewer receives would be the key access page; the viewer then uses their key to unlock your app. Why key access though? The user would only be given the key access page if they actually went through your advertised service.