Frequently Asked Questions

What is MediaBooster?

We are a free service used to grow your identity, such as increasing YouTube subscribers or comments.

What websites does this support?

It supports every website that use makes sense with. You aren't limited to the main social medias like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Feel free to try growing your own website visitors or it's features interaction rates.

How does this grow my following?

We introduce the system of a trade. You ask them to subscribe; only then will they receive your link. Your link could be anything, but most commonly a download or article link.

What is Action for Link?

You define a set of requests before a link is unlocked for the page viewer. For example, to get a download link, the viewer must first click the "Subscribe to my channel" and "Comment on this video" buttons to unlock the desired link.

Does this know if someone commits to the action?

The buttons show text which asks the viewer to do a certain action (e.g "Subscribe to my channel"). Clicking the button opens the correlating link. Browsing the link for a few seconds will mark the step as completed. With the correlating page in their face, it opens the convenient opportunity to commit to the action.

Is this real?

All interactions are from your existing viewers. We aren't sending bots to grow your media.

Where should I use MediaBooster links?

MediaBooster is designed to be linked from personal software such as a website or Windows application. Some users of our service use inappropriate links, so some social platforms associate that with our entire service.

What if I received a community strike from YouTube?

YouTube flags MediaBooster links by default. Your MediaBooster page needs to be in compliance with the YouTube policies. If you're sure that it complies with the policies, you will need to send an appeal. Only after review will YouTube allow the link. Be sure that your links are "safe for work".